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IsItBullshit:Employers don't care about your college GPA. I've been stressing out about my GPA, and I've heard both sides of the story equally as often, "employers never even check your GPA, Cs get degrees just get the degree and you're guaranteed a job", while also hearing "Yeah I'm trying to get a good GPA to look good for my future employer"..

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  • Unless you are in a government/contract-related position where there are requirements that employees in those positions must have valid AWS, Spark, etc. certifications, employers generally don't care about certifications unless everything between two applicants is the same and there are no distinguishing factors. Apr 28, 2016 · Reason #11: Broken systems. So much of customer service is outside the employees' control. Defective products, unfriendly policies, or a lack of coordination between departments can all make it hard for a frontline employee to help customers. Many employees lack the necessary empowerment.. Companies and corporations do not care about you. They care about what you do, and how much you can do. They will abuse you if you let them. They will replace you in a heartbeat. You are worth more than them, and so there is nothing wrong with quitting or putting in your 2 weeks to find a better paying (and treating) job. 10. They only meet with you when you make a mistake. A valuable employer will meet with you to discuss positive affirmations as well as mistakes. If they’re only meeting with you when you screw up, but not meeting with you regularly to tell you what you’re doing well and how you can improve, that’s an issue. 11.. Answer (1 of 14): If you earn your degree in EECS from MIT, as an example, you’ll see interview doors open up that other people with similar credentials might not.. Oct 12, 2020 · Since then, companies across all industry sectors executed massive layoffs. For instance, Disney recently let go of about 28,000 workers and the airlines plan to terminate about 35,000—if the .... Recognizing that most of these big companies simply don’t care all that much about their employees will give you freedom. Freedom to always keep an eye out for a better opportunity. Freedom to. 4. They don’t give you the resources or support to be successful. If your employer doesn’t give you the resources or support you need to efficiently and effectively execute your responsibilities, it may be because they don’t find your responsibilities worthy of the cost. They may not care to invest in you or your career. 5. This is your first sign that the candidate and employee experience isn’t top of mind, and that maybe the company doesn’t care as much as they say they do about people who will become future employees. New employees accrue only 10 days of vacation in their first year and can’t take any of it during their first 90 days . Two words – Old. However the one thing that I am leaning is that the employers do not take in a human factor. THEY DON’T CARE!!!! THEY DON’T CARE!!!! Please take a moment to view my resume and then call me at. Dec 14, 2016 · The fact you are on your parents' insurance does not mean you don't need your new employer's plan. Every insurance plan is different, with different in-network mix of providers (doctors), different copays for various services (e.g. for emergency room visit), different out-of-pocket maximums, etc.. The correct answer is both. The best way to get as much attention as possible from recruiters is to keep both your résumé and your profile on professional social networks up to date. There are, however, significant differences in how employers use each of these options when it comes to finding job candidates. Google, Apple and 12 other companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree. Apple CEO Tim Cook at an event to introduce the new 9.7-inch Apple iPad at Lane Tech College Prep. So once you graduate and get past residency, your employers most likely aren’t going to care where you ranked in your class because they know you did well enough to make it through. I was always an overachiever in school and was a bit disappointed to find out that nobody cares once you get out into the real world. However the one thing that I am leaning is that the employers do not take in a human factor. THEY DON’T CARE!!!! Please take a moment to view my resume and then call me at 954-290-6976.

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